Prophetic Testimony


[This section is about the fulfilment of prophetic words.]

The Bible says, 1.) “Nothing happens on the earth without God first revealing His plans…” (Amos 3:7); 2.) “We walk by faith, Not By our sight…” (2 Corinthians 5:7); & 3.) “Desire to prophesy…” (1 Corinthians 14:1)


March 2010

“A Storm Is Coming”


Perth, WA

God told me “A Storm is coming” & “Go tell everyone you know”.

I ask the Lord about this, and why it was coming, and he said, ‘to test the people of his house’, ‘those who would fear put their trust in themselves, but those who remain fixed on him are the true believers’.

Two weeks later, on the 22nd of March, it came, and it was recorded a natural disaster. Hail stones of up to 6 centimetres were recorded, and there was 1.08 billion dollars worth of damage.

August 2011

“Pack your bags…”


Port Antonio, Jamaica

The Lord spoke to me, “Pack your bags”, “I have a people in Jamaica who need to hear the message you preach”, and then I knew in my mind it would cost “$5000” (which it did). I then questioned the Lord for this message “I preach” and he said to me: “A church who has lost its ways cannot shine the way for the lost.”

I finally arrived in Jamaica January of 2012. The Lord lead me to the specific church. I asked the Lord to confirm that it was the church by revealing to me the sermon’s title before I would hear it. He told me, “Purpose” and explained it as, “His dream for our lives”. Their Sermon was titled: “Dreams” – the purpose of God for your lives. It was opposite to what the Lord told me. It’s also theologically wrong if you were to simply listen to it. I knew then the Lord confirmed his word, and this would be the place.

I met with the main leader afterwards, and after completing my assignment, the Lord told me to “Go home.” It was very strange as I thought there would be excitement and joy and freedom, etc, but nothing that was it. “I have a people in Jamaica who need to hear the message you preach“, they simply needed to hear it. It was only on my trip home where I asked the Lord about why he didn’t send someone closer (because I’d literally flown from the furthest point on the earth) that he told me “This is how far I will go for those I love.” Immediately I remembered the bible passage where Jesus leaves the ninety-nine in search of the one. Praise God, all glory to his name.

Blessings, Qsp.