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Prophetic Testimony

2x Prophetic Testimonies:

1. The Storm of 2010 & 2. The Trip to Jamaica

If you have a story, please share it! We all benefit

from testimonies – it builds faith!

Blessings, Qsp.

God’s Big Picture.

In reading Stephen’s case before the high priest and people of the Jewish community. (Acts 6:1-8:3) It is amazing, to see Gods hand over the big picture of things. If you’ve read the story you will know that Stephen is recorded to be full of “grace and power” and how no one could “withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which he was speaking”. (6v10) We can agree he was a God fearing and godly man! But people rallied against him in unity and brought false witness against him. And they succeeded and he was stoned. But do you see God’s big picture!? Reading further we see the Fathers redemptive plan at work and how he will set his nation who bear name of his Son free. God converts Saul who was present at the stoning of Stephen. Saul then becomes Paul whom we all love and appreciate because most of the New Testament was penned by him. We’ve received much knowledge and truth by this man. Can you see the master plan of God? Some of us will cop those initial death penalties, but God will work on the hearts of those who plan such evil against his works. Saul thought he was doing God a service, but God revealed to Saul that was doing the opposite! The last thing I’m sure Saul would ever want to be doing. This impacted his life so much, that he become an apostle chosen of the Father to teach millions the words and oracles of God. From one man’s death came the life of another, and the fruit of that ministry has gone into all the earth and even our generation.

Praise God for his master plan. Don’t see such an event as the death, but as the grand plan which God orchestrates to right those wrongs and fix the problems faced by the people called by the name of his Son, Jesus Christ! God will turn the situation around. There was death but there will come life. Let us only believe and have faith in God. As the faith of Stephen didn’t fade while being stoned, let us never lose heart when we might be the person being stoned. God will not forget and God will work tirelessly on those people. Trust in God no matter it being peace time or persecution. Amen. Blessings, Qsp.

Did you know an offense is bitterness?

Did you know that an offense is bitterness? I only recently discovered what bitterness was. I always knew the effect of bitterness, things like grumpy old man, bitter old woman, etc. But for some reason I could never figure what caused those attitudes and misearble outcomes. Then I looked up the word ‘bitterness’ and it said the attitude taken at the slightest of offenses. Wow. Now it all makes sense, why the bible says to guard against a root of bitterness, or that if your brother has offended you to go to him quickly and try and sort it out. Wow. Be careful of being offened and I would encourage you to not simply just pray away an offense, but to as far as you can to talk with the person who has caused the offense. I bet you’ll find that people don’t do this these days, but those conversations are so important to solve to truly love and care for the community around you. Blessings, QuickStudyProphetic.

Choosing your friends wisely.

Yes it’s true that as Christians we’ve been called to all people. But I still believe there is such strength in having a few closer than the rest types of people in your life. Not everyone can handle the real grime of your day like a close friend can. It is important to choose these people carefully, as sometimes mixed values can blur the lines of your calling and mission for which the Lord has sent you. Jesus often went off to a secret place, but would have his sidekicks Peter and John with him as he went. Why was this? It was always the same two disciples, but didn’t Jesus choose twelve? These are the closer friends that I’m speaking about. You need to have them around to help you when your going through tough decisions or times, and likewise you can repay them and be there for them in equally tough times and changes. It is a very assuring thing to know that these people will be there on the other side of the storm, and this is the reason I think Jesus himself sought to have this kind of closer relationship with the two men. If you are this to someone, be encouraging but also truthful and honest. Just because we don’t agree some of the time, does not mean the relationship is over. In fact a little testing with fire can produce a very strong case in the correct direction. We need these people in our lives, so protect those relationships wherever possible. God bless, QuickStudyProphetic.

I wanted happiness.

I’m looking for happiness, when it’s been in the long term striving all along. It’s not about figuring it out, it’s about walking the road set before you. Nothing is guaranteed. It is how you handle those matters of life that are the fun parts which lead to victory or defeat. Time to give glory to God! The curse brought in a lot of problems. Working hard, pain, thorns, weeds, etc. All these never existed once before but with the breaking of belief – sin entered this world through Adam. Notice how Paul writes “through Adam”, not Eve even though she was the first to be deceived. Humanity rests on the shoulders of responsibility. We need more people seeing the truth and explanations of God as pure and righteous to get somewhere. God has set us free from the curse in Christ, however the curse still exists on this planet profusely. On every side we have people dying, getting sick, and being possessed by that felon the Devil! These are all effects of the curse, or the effects of not obeying the Lord God Almighty, and accepting his knowledge to be supreme to ours. Accept it God is higher, stronger, and faster. Nothing will ever change that. God bless you guys in Jesus name. Amen. Qsp.

No more machine gun preaching.

I feel the Lord has just given me a vivid revelation about humans fighting each other with bullets. Now keep in mind I have family in the Navy. This subject has been something on my mind for some time. The following is what the Lord has walked with me in writing. USA and British should not fight ISIS tooth for tooth. In other words gun against gun, but should turn to the protector of all people God Almighty. You might say but God has given me a brain to protect myself in advance, but do you not know that God has foreseen the future before you were even born. How much greater wisdom than the peace which surpasses understanding? God will not forget any nation who turns to him as their main line of defense. And even if you are killed, God does not forget. The blood of the martyrs cry out to God constantly that he would bring justice to their injustice, and I promise you that day is coming very soon. Perhaps you cannot even see it. Australia you should also step down your arms and surrender to God Almighty as your sword and shield, your armed drone and nuclear submarine! Give over the control to the Lord God Almighty and He will make straight your paths. Speak only what he speaks to you, and put away your quick tongue. Listen more than you speak. God will show you the very thing you’ll need to do, ask, or say. Wait on the Lord he knows best! So just so that we’re clear even helping the local military of Iraq, to defend itself is still fighting this battle weapon against weapon. This should not occur, our weapons are mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, and destroying principalities. Wait on God. Forget such thing as human strength. God is not sleeping he waits patiently for his name to be called. Speak with God and you might learn something oh gun slinging man. There is nothing against weaponry as tools for game either food or protection, but against another human life this shouldn’t be the solution. Thanks, Kind Regards, Richard.

No Other Name #2

#Humanness Verses God#

There is no other name in heaven or on the earth weightier than the name of God. With all perseverance and persuasion, the Lord’s name must be glorified to the ends of the earth. There are many ideals which can consume your money and your time, Jesus said,

“Why do you spend your money on things which are not food?”

This is a fantastic statement, because it reveals the nature of God. Nothing is higher than the Lord, and we go about finding reasons to live for. Installing a pool in the back yard, renovation our house, buying the newest car. When the entire time our prize in heaven gets smaller and smaller. Eventually we’re going to be living on the lawn of one of our heavenly neighbors.

Jesus asked of some pertinent questions. “Come follow me” as he’d call to some of his disciples. There once was even a case where a disciples father had died, and he’d asked Jesus if he could first go bury him and then he’d come follow Jesus. Jesus replied to him, “Let the dead bury the dead” – how is this possible if God’s calling is not weightier than anything we will ever do. God is much higher than what our society and cultures tell us is proper or good. God is still higher, and remains more wise and truthful than any other.

Humanness is an enemy of God’s will and desire. We need to submit our every plan and purpose to God completely. There comes a time for the things the Lord has for my life, and I know they are coming, but the time is simply not yet. Does that mean the Lord cannot be at work within me at this point in time? Absolutely not. In fact he is relentlessly working on my mind and will in so many many ways! It takes time to rewire some things of this world, so that we can truly testify to the width, breadth and height of an almighty consuming God. And amazing he is. Jesus went through a time of preparation, only beginning to preach when he was thirty. Paul once converted on the Damascus road took three years to finally go back to Jerusalem. Often time is taken to make preparations and truly understand God’s ideas in life. Let’s not assume we know unless he has spoken, then you can be assured and do that.

God Is So Great, There Is None Like Him, And There Will Never Be.

Blessings, Qsp.

Generational Displacement

I Have A Theory I Want To Term: “Generational Displacement”.

I’ve begun to notice a certain social displacement happening in society, and I believe that’s happening because an identity shift is occurring once more. As a Christian I find peace in God, however if someone does not know God they are actually lost from the get go which makes decision making that more corrupt and broken. We’re in this double trouble time; we have a secular society – which means an increased push away from God, and now this stage of insecurity/uncertainty so to speak.

The retro, ‘sixties’ type movement we’re seeing is a result I believe of people not being certain of where they are in time at this moment. There is even a spike in folk music, reflecting genres gone by. People seem to be clinging to things from the past. What is causing this is an important question to ask?

Times of uncertainty can cause us to return to familiar ground. When growing up we face new phases of life along the way, but sometimes we’re not sure which is the best choice. Often at these points we look to see what either our parents or maybe a key figure in our lives might have done. We try and imagine what they would have done in this situation, but what happens when you no longer have a God fearing truth-filled figure in your life to compare with!? It will become the classic blind leading the blind – and Jesus says they will lead each other into a ditch (Matt15:14).

Because this generation does not know where it’s going (future) the past becomes a crutch to lean on in these times. The options and choices from past episodes become their weapons of choice, yet they can’t distinguish between even the errors of that previous time – and so it goes round and round. This is all too revealing of where people are at in this moment in time. Revealing I believe something far deeper than simply making ‘new’ decisions.  Therefore to the Christian I say be aware of your context, yet remain firm in your faith, because you’ve found the actual thing they’re all meandering around the place for. They think they’ll find it, but they wont; therefore rejoice because you have found the truth and are personally known by the Lord God Almighty. There is also opportunity in this time I believe to speak into this circumstance.

With increased secularism and the conglomerate globalism occurring, I see a chance for the message of Christ the rock becoming all to critical and important. This is the big idea, however what it means to the Christian is wearing your faith on your sleeve so to speak. To constantly display verbally and non-verbally your trust in God! There is none like his goodness, none like his power, and no other has created the human race and everything we know and see. God is above all, and to not acknowledge him in this time is the most tragic of things anyone could do. But we have a generation who insists God does not exist, and there will be consequences for such ideologies and thinking. With or without them God will maintain his word, and he will wipe away every hindering spirit before the every end of time. But to us who remain in this time, and with this people, we are to be fervent in displaying the truths of God almighty. As Paul puts it, “do not grow weary of doing good” (Gal6:9). We must not let our lights be snuffed out by a deluded and wondering world. As Jesus puts it “be as innocent as doves, but shrewd as serpents” (Matt10:16). You must remain alert at all times, and not come under the authority and opinion of this world. It is destined for destruction, however you can advocate the truth, and no matter the consequences, because one day our lives will be take from us because we stand for the truth, we must persist that it is real and it is trustworthy. No one else can do this for you, but I pray that your faiths would not dwindle in the current and coming times.

This generation has cut itself more and more away from it’s God made roots and now is in a place of redefinition – a bad combination! We as Christians need to be seen and heard in this time more than ever. I know it seems a very challenging time to be displaying Christian ethics, such as marriage, true spirituality, and purity of mind, but this is a critical time! “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven” (Matt5:17).

It is a time to be visible and not a time to shrink away. We must not hide, but in every forum – Facebook, Twitter, conversations, voting, etc – we must reveal our bias towards truth – always! A displaced people need guides, but what if they have none? They might not even want one, and thus they will be the blind leading the blind. This is not to say you wont be rejected, but that will. But you never know who might listen, you’ll probably be surprised!

Lets pray and display our Christian values as MUCH as possible. “The time is coming and now is when people will not enjoy sound doctrine” (2Tim4:3). Lets make a promise to whether or not they accept us to keep doing the will of our Father who is in heaven. I know even not laughing a their crude jokes is a form of protest to the world’s position, and we should do that. Staying away from destructive talk. Defend the truth – “blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness” (Matt5:6). Whether it be big or small every ideology other than Christ must be brought low. God is alive and he’s come into the world to save, redeem and deliver his people. The Christian is to remain secure in the promises of God – he is not slow in fulfilling them (2Pet3:9). There is no fear in God’s perfect love! Only truth and assurance that he is faithful every step of the way. And he is. But the people of the world are wondering everywhere except to the truth. It is very sad but we must pray that the Lord of the harvest minister to all their lives. Jesus for King!

With Christ’s Love, God bless. Qsp.

A Note On Prophecy


I have always admired those who spoke the rhema words of God, the prophetic messages directed to Gods people. However as I grew up I realized not everyone can discern between the false prophets and true men and woman of God. They got scared and maybe even have been hurt by false words, my advice to you is never let a fraud distract you from Gods beauty! When God speaks the wise listen. Paul writes to desire the gift of prophecy above all gifts! This is a gift to the church, sometimes God will use this ministry to pinpoint the undercurrents of the church people who spread lies or rumors, and sometimes he’ll even let you know of things to come. Which ever it is this ministry is dynamic. It is a blessings from the Lord. Do not neglect those called to the prophetic function! Yes we’ve all been called but each to their own place, in this case let those who prophecy do so with boldness and encourage them. Let’s pray for the gifts God has given to his people. Always a blessing, QuickStudyProphetic

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