Hi all and welcome to QSP. I just want to keep this brief, as drawing things out can get a little tedious. I want to answer two things for us quickly: 1.What QSP values highest and 2.Why I began writing. I think what this site values most is running a winning race. Why I began writing? It all began and ended within seconds. Walking from the kitchen to the front door, the Lord spoke to me of his people needing encouragement, and especially the young ones. I saw in the Spirit they’d become disturbingly blase. So it is my hope to provide a place of refreshment and growing personality. I want to run my race hard but cannot fail to recognize those around me. This would be the second greatest tragedy, the first forgetting my first love – JESUS CHRIST. So this is a place I hope to encourage you, and a place where I can also release the things the Lord has given me.  In order that we may contribute to the building up of the saints into a holy temple. Amen!?

About me

I am currently studying Architecture in Perth Western Australia. I have an Associate Degree in Theology, and things to do with God and his wondrous ways are what impress me most. I am a vessel who hopes to becomes increasingly more like my King and leader Jesus Christ.

— UPDATE: 7/3/2017 —

Since then the Lord called to begin pastoring a small country town church, in Waroona, Western Australia. I’ve since also gotten married, and now have an awesome 5-month-old son. The Lord has been good to us, but like yourselves and all those in the ministry will understand we all have our share of hits too. Praise be to God (and it is only by his grace) we seem to routinely get back up on the saddle and keep powering on through. All the credit can only go to our Lord and master Jesus Christ. He is our example and we definitely know we follow him through the thick and thin of it all. Hope you’ve been well. Feel free to chat and looking forward to writing for you all once again. Many blessings!

Your Friend and brother,

Richard Jordaan.