God’s Big Picture.

by QuickStudyProphetic

In reading Stephen’s case before the high priest and people of the Jewish community. (Acts 6:1-8:3) It is amazing, to see Gods hand over the big picture of things. If you’ve read the story you will know that Stephen is recorded to be full of “grace and power” and how no one could “withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which he was speaking”. (6v10) We can agree he was a God fearing and godly man! But people rallied against him in unity and brought false witness against him. And they succeeded and he was stoned. But do you see God’s big picture!? Reading further we see the Fathers redemptive plan at work and how he will set his nation who bear name of his Son free. God converts Saul who was present at the stoning of Stephen. Saul then becomes Paul whom we all love and appreciate because most of the New Testament was penned by him. We’ve received much knowledge and truth by this man. Can you see the master plan of God? Some of us will cop those initial death penalties, but God will work on the hearts of those who plan such evil against his works. Saul thought he was doing God a service, but God revealed to Saul that was doing the opposite! The last thing I’m sure Saul would ever want to be doing. This impacted his life so much, that he become an apostle chosen of the Father to teach millions the words and oracles of God. From one man’s death came the life of another, and the fruit of that ministry has gone into all the earth and even our generation.

Praise God for his master plan. Don’t see such an event as the death, but as the grand plan which God orchestrates to right those wrongs and fix the problems faced by the people called by the name of his Son, Jesus Christ! God will turn the situation around. There was death but there will come life. Let us only believe and have faith in God. As the faith of Stephen didn’t fade while being stoned, let us never lose heart when we might be the person being stoned. God will not forget and God will work tirelessly on those people. Trust in God no matter it being peace time or persecution. Amen. Blessings, Qsp.