Did you know an offense is bitterness?

by QuickStudyProphetic

Did you know that an offense is bitterness? I only recently discovered what bitterness was. I always knew the effect of bitterness, things like grumpy old man, bitter old woman, etc. But for some reason I could never figure what caused those attitudes and misearble outcomes. Then I looked up the word ‘bitterness’ and it said the attitude taken at the slightest of offenses. Wow. Now it all makes sense, why the bible says to guard against a root of bitterness, or that if your brother has offended you to go to him quickly and try and sort it out. Wow. Be careful of being offened and I would encourage you to not simply just pray away an offense, but to as far as you can to talk with the person who has caused the offense. I bet you’ll find that people don’t do this these days, but those conversations are so important to solve to truly love and care for the community around you. Blessings, QuickStudyProphetic.