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Month: November, 2014

Did you know an offense is bitterness?

Did you know that an offense is bitterness? I only recently discovered what bitterness was. I always knew the effect of bitterness, things like grumpy old man, bitter old woman, etc. But for some reason I could never figure what caused those attitudes and misearble outcomes. Then I looked up the word ‘bitterness’ and it said the attitude taken at the slightest of offenses. Wow. Now it all makes sense, why the bible says to guard against a root of bitterness, or that if your brother has offended you to go to him quickly and try and sort it out. Wow. Be careful of being offened and I would encourage you to not simply just pray away an offense, but to as far as you can to talk with the person who has caused the offense. I bet you’ll find that people don’t do this these days, but those conversations are so important to solve to truly love and care for the community around you. Blessings, QuickStudyProphetic.

Choosing your friends wisely.

Yes it’s true that as Christians we’ve been called to all people. But I still believe there is such strength in having a few closer than the rest types of people in your life. Not everyone can handle the real grime of your day like a close friend can. It is important to choose these people carefully, as sometimes mixed values can blur the lines of your calling and mission for which the Lord has sent you. Jesus often went off to a secret place, but would have his sidekicks Peter and John with him as he went. Why was this? It was always the same two disciples, but didn’t Jesus choose twelve? These are the closer friends that I’m speaking about. You need to have them around to help you when your going through tough decisions or times, and likewise you can repay them and be there for them in equally tough times and changes. It is a very assuring thing to know that these people will be there on the other side of the storm, and this is the reason I think Jesus himself sought to have this kind of closer relationship with the two men. If you are this to someone, be encouraging but also truthful and honest. Just because we don’t agree some of the time, does not mean the relationship is over. In fact a little testing with fire can produce a very strong case in the correct direction. We need these people in our lives, so protect those relationships wherever possible. God bless, QuickStudyProphetic.

I wanted happiness.

I’m looking for happiness, when it’s been in the long term striving all along. It’s not about figuring it out, it’s about walking the road set before you. Nothing is guaranteed. It is how you handle those matters of life that are the fun parts which lead to victory or defeat. Time to give glory to God! The curse brought in a lot of problems. Working hard, pain, thorns, weeds, etc. All these never existed once before but with the breaking of belief – sin entered this world through Adam. Notice how Paul writes “through Adam”, not Eve even though she was the first to be deceived. Humanity rests on the shoulders of responsibility. We need more people seeing the truth and explanations of God as pure and righteous to get somewhere. God has set us free from the curse in Christ, however the curse still exists on this planet profusely. On every side we have people dying, getting sick, and being possessed by that felon the Devil! These are all effects of the curse, or the effects of not obeying the Lord God Almighty, and accepting his knowledge to be supreme to ours. Accept it God is higher, stronger, and faster. Nothing will ever change that. God bless you guys in Jesus name. Amen. Qsp.

No more machine gun preaching.

I feel the Lord has just given me a vivid revelation about humans fighting each other with bullets. Now keep in mind I have family in the Navy. This subject has been something on my mind for some time. The following is what the Lord has walked with me in writing. USA and British should not fight ISIS tooth for tooth. In other words gun against gun, but should turn to the protector of all people God Almighty. You might say but God has given me a brain to protect myself in advance, but do you not know that God has foreseen the future before you were even born. How much greater wisdom than the peace which surpasses understanding? God will not forget any nation who turns to him as their main line of defense. And even if you are killed, God does not forget. The blood of the martyrs cry out to God constantly that he would bring justice to their injustice, and I promise you that day is coming very soon. Perhaps you cannot even see it. Australia you should also step down your arms and surrender to God Almighty as your sword and shield, your armed drone and nuclear submarine! Give over the control to the Lord God Almighty and He will make straight your paths. Speak only what he speaks to you, and put away your quick tongue. Listen more than you speak. God will show you the very thing you’ll need to do, ask, or say. Wait on the Lord he knows best! So just so that we’re clear even helping the local military of Iraq, to defend itself is still fighting this battle weapon against weapon. This should not occur, our weapons are mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, and destroying principalities. Wait on God. Forget such thing as human strength. God is not sleeping he waits patiently for his name to be called. Speak with God and you might learn something oh gun slinging man. There is nothing against weaponry as tools for game either food or protection, but against another human life this shouldn’t be the solution. Thanks, Kind Regards, Richard.

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