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Month: October, 2014

Relational Difficulties

#Focusing On The Road Set Before You#

There are many things which can distract and draw your attention from the things that you are to be doing. Many times relationships can surprise you and take a turn for the worst, and become perhaps quiet damaging. It is time to step away from such things after trying to reconcile and adjust to new rhythms and styles. This is one distracting things which can consume a lot of our daily lives, but we need to be ready to go the extra mile time and again. It seems like a huge ask when things aren’t that pleasant and there is constant strife in the relationship. Strife means, “a differing on fundamental principles”. It is the thing Jesus was speaking of when he said, “and the enemies of a mans life will be the members of his own household”. And again when he speaks about “dividing two against three”, and “mother against son, and daughter against her father”. These speak about a change in direction. See when Christ comes into our lives, his truth permeates ALL of our existence. Everything becomes different, and the way we think changes. This is also known as the renewing of your mind. We cannot exercise friendship with the things that are evil and be a trusted companion of God’s. It is impossible. You will be in both camps and God says he will spit out the lukewarm on the day of judgement. Our loyalties now rest with the King. Even though our families might revile us or reject us it is important to not loose heart, and remember Jesus Christ went through all these same things, and this is the reason he spoke of them. Praise God for that! I love Jesus for leading us on the straight and narrow road. The bible actually calls that way, “narrow and hard is the way which leads to life”. It is tough man, and it sometimes gets immensely hard, but there is always hope in the Father. Hallelujah. Amen.

God bless you in the Love of Christ,


No Other Name #2

#Humanness Verses God#

There is no other name in heaven or on the earth weightier than the name of God. With all perseverance and persuasion, the Lord’s name must be glorified to the ends of the earth. There are many ideals which can consume your money and your time, Jesus said,

“Why do you spend your money on things which are not food?”

This is a fantastic statement, because it reveals the nature of God. Nothing is higher than the Lord, and we go about finding reasons to live for. Installing a pool in the back yard, renovation our house, buying the newest car. When the entire time our prize in heaven gets smaller and smaller. Eventually we’re going to be living on the lawn of one of our heavenly neighbors.

Jesus asked of some pertinent questions. “Come follow me” as he’d call to some of his disciples. There once was even a case where a disciples father had died, and he’d asked Jesus if he could first go bury him and then he’d come follow Jesus. Jesus replied to him, “Let the dead bury the dead” – how is this possible if God’s calling is not weightier than anything we will ever do. God is much higher than what our society and cultures tell us is proper or good. God is still higher, and remains more wise and truthful than any other.

Humanness is an enemy of God’s will and desire. We need to submit our every plan and purpose to God completely. There comes a time for the things the Lord has for my life, and I know they are coming, but the time is simply not yet. Does that mean the Lord cannot be at work within me at this point in time? Absolutely not. In fact he is relentlessly working on my mind and will in so many many ways! It takes time to rewire some things of this world, so that we can truly testify to the width, breadth and height of an almighty consuming God. And amazing he is. Jesus went through a time of preparation, only beginning to preach when he was thirty. Paul once converted on the Damascus road took three years to finally go back to Jerusalem. Often time is taken to make preparations and truly understand God’s ideas in life. Let’s not assume we know unless he has spoken, then you can be assured and do that.

God Is So Great, There Is None Like Him, And There Will Never Be.

Blessings, Qsp.

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