Egypt the safe place.

by QuickStudyProphetic

God has just revealed to me that Egypt is a friend to the refugee of our faith. That is the Jew and the Christian. There is a blessing given to this region by the Lord. Safety will be given to the people of God in this area. God has said this is the place of “holding ground“. As a veil hides that which is behind it so Egypt will be covered by the goodness of the Lord. The persecution of the region will fail on the face of Egypt. God has made a place of escape. Egypt will blessed and protected as a byproduct of the Lord. As the Arc of the Covenant used to bless the house of David in the times gone by, so Egypt will be protected and blessed of the Lord. Egypt will be the place of “holding ground“. God speaks of prolonged blessing in this area of the region. There is safety in Egypt. It is time for the people to travel there and find peace for the current storm. It’s time to pray for the people of God (both Jew and Christian) to travel safely as in the night if they journey to this area. There is a place of refuge made by the hands of the Lord in Egypt.