You’re a Pluralist, but I’m a Exclusivist

by QuickStudyProphetic

This article is written primarily to try and illustrate the tensions which we seem to face when dealing with people of the world. They’re not toxic evils, but our perspectives are 180° in the opposite directions.

What tends to happen I find is I have many friends and family who say they love and accept me whole heartedly, however they’re not saved and they don’t care for Jesus one second. So they leave me warm and fuzzy, welcomed and loved. But is this good enough? They’re approaching my life from an all accepting culture. Something otherwise known as pluralism. Well a form of it. This occurs when we are to not reject anyone, but accept everyone whole heartedly and fully for who they are. This however causes a little problem when it comes to the Kingdom of God. God is exclusive.

God desires non should perish (John3:16; 2Pet3:9) but his way of escape (1Cor10:13) is narrowly and finitely Jesus Christ the Lamb which takes away the sins of the world. John 10:10 shares how Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” This tends to narrow the margin a little. Without accepting Jesus it doesn’t matter how nice or friendly you might be here on the earth, the fact remains without him you won’t go to heaven. So this is the theology which we face at present.

Our friends and family mean well I know this, and it is touching when they offer honest heartfelt feelings towards us, but without accepting Christ it is hard for me as a Christian to really accept them. They are sinners without Christ. And that is saying so without judgement – we all are! That is the truth. Without Christ your a dead man walking.

So this is what I’m speaking about when I talk about “you’re a pluralist, whilst I’m an exclusivist”. Because without Christ there is no smile on this earth which will save you from the pits of destruction, hell. It’s sad, but it is the thing which sets me apart from them, and thus the exclusive nature of my calling, and any on the road with Christ. The road ahead of me is one to the lost, but I am not to linger with the lost either. I’m, according to Jesus to dust my shoes off and depart from that place (Matt10:14). To those of my family who have chosen their walk away from God I do pray for them, but otherwise I have nothing else other than the life-giving Savior to offer to them. The gospel of salvation, Jesus Christ.

Take care, and remain strong in the faith. Let us not be fooled, our faith has it’s boundaries.

Always a blessing, Qsp.