The Struggle.

by QuickStudyProphetic

You know I think God has simply has made struggle part of our calling. We’re going to struggle to make bread, to plant crops, to win souls. Each of these are part of the curse found on the earth I believe. When Adam sinned the earth became cursed and everything from then on would be just one uphill battle. Without the Spirit of God I have no idea where we’d be! We need his nurture and his comfort every moment to not loose sight and remain fervent until the very end.

I was just thinking about the apostles in the beginning of their journey after Christ’s ascent. Those guys worked hard man, they were slaves unto Christ and worked tirelessly to take the gospel to people around the place. Workers worth their wage indeed, although we don’t know if some were as faithful with their callings (namely those who never wrote to churches). Paul was a unique guys driven and articulate with the truths of God. God ministered to him new revelation often, and Romans 8 tells us this was the reason for the thorn in his side. Fantastic ministry.

But nevertheless they worked tirelessly winning people over to the truth. This is what I’m speaking of when I say struggle. There seems to be this never ending battle in fighting for the truth. To not fight is to let Satan take of people and win them to his side. We must not stop fighting against the whiles of the enemy. Part of the curse was this ethic of “swetting for our daily bread”. It seems the uphill roads do not escape us as Christians. We need to remain alert and question every false doctrine and false teaching along the way, and these conversations can be extremely tiring and exhausting. But nothing comes easy it seems. Every now and then God would seem to break through on our behalf, but walking daily the reigns a pulled tight as we tug the barriers out of people’s way. I seem to be prone to this, I strap on the church and personally make it my life’s ambition to rid it of every false doctrine and pestilence. The glory of God is yet to be seen, but one day it will shine as the noon day sun! Even if I never see the breakthrough, something holds my heart firm like an ox to the plow. I’m in it to win it, nothing less, and I’ve faced my fair share of opposition along the way which has only (eventually) made me stronger. Leaders face this all the time. It’s what makes them tough as nails.

So this theory that struggle is part of life, it is inescapable. Time and again whether it is work or play, there is struggle around every corner. It would seem the best thing to do is to accept that and keep hitting everything head on along the way.

Please share with me your thoughts on something like this.

God bless, in Jesus name. Qsp