Generational Displacement

by QuickStudyProphetic

I Have A Theory I Want To Term: “Generational Displacement”.

I’ve begun to notice a certain social displacement happening in society, and I believe that’s happening because an identity shift is occurring once more. As a Christian I find peace in God, however if someone does not know God they are actually lost from the get go which makes decision making that more corrupt and broken. We’re in this double trouble time; we have a secular society – which means an increased push away from God, and now this stage of insecurity/uncertainty so to speak.

The retro, ‘sixties’ type movement we’re seeing is a result I believe of people not being certain of where they are in time at this moment. There is even a spike in folk music, reflecting genres gone by. People seem to be clinging to things from the past. What is causing this is an important question to ask?

Times of uncertainty can cause us to return to familiar ground. When growing up we face new phases of life along the way, but sometimes we’re not sure which is the best choice. Often at these points we look to see what either our parents or maybe a key figure in our lives might have done. We try and imagine what they would have done in this situation, but what happens when you no longer have a God fearing truth-filled figure in your life to compare with!? It will become the classic blind leading the blind – and Jesus says they will lead each other into a ditch (Matt15:14).

Because this generation does not know where it’s going (future) the past becomes a crutch to lean on in these times. The options and choices from past episodes become their weapons of choice, yet they can’t distinguish between even the errors of that previous time – and so it goes round and round. This is all too revealing of where people are at in this moment in time. Revealing I believe something far deeper than simply making ‘new’ decisions.  Therefore to the Christian I say be aware of your context, yet remain firm in your faith, because you’ve found the actual thing they’re all meandering around the place for. They think they’ll find it, but they wont; therefore rejoice because you have found the truth and are personally known by the Lord God Almighty. There is also opportunity in this time I believe to speak into this circumstance.

With increased secularism and the conglomerate globalism occurring, I see a chance for the message of Christ the rock becoming all to critical and important. This is the big idea, however what it means to the Christian is wearing your faith on your sleeve so to speak. To constantly display verbally and non-verbally your trust in God! There is none like his goodness, none like his power, and no other has created the human race and everything we know and see. God is above all, and to not acknowledge him in this time is the most tragic of things anyone could do. But we have a generation who insists God does not exist, and there will be consequences for such ideologies and thinking. With or without them God will maintain his word, and he will wipe away every hindering spirit before the every end of time. But to us who remain in this time, and with this people, we are to be fervent in displaying the truths of God almighty. As Paul puts it, “do not grow weary of doing good” (Gal6:9). We must not let our lights be snuffed out by a deluded and wondering world. As Jesus puts it “be as innocent as doves, but shrewd as serpents” (Matt10:16). You must remain alert at all times, and not come under the authority and opinion of this world. It is destined for destruction, however you can advocate the truth, and no matter the consequences, because one day our lives will be take from us because we stand for the truth, we must persist that it is real and it is trustworthy. No one else can do this for you, but I pray that your faiths would not dwindle in the current and coming times.

This generation has cut itself more and more away from it’s God made roots and now is in a place of redefinition – a bad combination! We as Christians need to be seen and heard in this time more than ever. I know it seems a very challenging time to be displaying Christian ethics, such as marriage, true spirituality, and purity of mind, but this is a critical time! “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven” (Matt5:17).

It is a time to be visible and not a time to shrink away. We must not hide, but in every forum – Facebook, Twitter, conversations, voting, etc – we must reveal our bias towards truth – always! A displaced people need guides, but what if they have none? They might not even want one, and thus they will be the blind leading the blind. This is not to say you wont be rejected, but that will. But you never know who might listen, you’ll probably be surprised!

Lets pray and display our Christian values as MUCH as possible. “The time is coming and now is when people will not enjoy sound doctrine” (2Tim4:3). Lets make a promise to whether or not they accept us to keep doing the will of our Father who is in heaven. I know even not laughing a their crude jokes is a form of protest to the world’s position, and we should do that. Staying away from destructive talk. Defend the truth – “blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness” (Matt5:6). Whether it be big or small every ideology other than Christ must be brought low. God is alive and he’s come into the world to save, redeem and deliver his people. The Christian is to remain secure in the promises of God – he is not slow in fulfilling them (2Pet3:9). There is no fear in God’s perfect love! Only truth and assurance that he is faithful every step of the way. And he is. But the people of the world are wondering everywhere except to the truth. It is very sad but we must pray that the Lord of the harvest minister to all their lives. Jesus for King!

With Christ’s Love, God bless. Qsp.