Where is my focus?

by QuickStudyProphetic

Where is my focus?

I’ve been asking myself this question for some time now. Why do we seem to forget the little things which made us spark at the beginning of our journeys? The flesh is weak that is for sure. We need the strength and mercy of God to help us through these times.

Recently my wife and I have became members of a new church and its something we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. To finally have a community in which we could be involved and live out God given gifts and abilities. We are only part of a body, not the entire body after-all.

But something I’ve noticed in this journey is the desire to be seen and known by these people. Both my wife and I have degrees from Bible College, and there’s something inside me which says let us help you, but the Lord I believe is saying otherwise! But this has challenged some hidden things inside my heart I believe. It’s been a very long time since I’ve simply attended church and done some simple things around the place. I’m used to in over my head, but glory to God kind of stuff. But he’s teaching me something new. And through the frustration I think I’m beginning understand what it is now.

Sometimes we forget why we began loving God in the first place. It wasn’t because of status and position in the church, it was because we loved him with all our hearts and we could not help ourselves in face of his goodness. It was a desperate place where our hearts lay bare and we’d love him till the day we’d die. I know this is my story anyways. God gripped me deep down in my being.

So he leads us, and I must say it has been an enjoyable journey thus far. So I leave you with this today, where’s your journey taking you, and have you figured out yet why certain frustrations might be present in your life? It’s a good exercise, and something which requires prayer and periodic questioning and reflection. Keep seeking to find.

With the Love of Christ, God Bless.