A Note On Prophecy

by QuickStudyProphetic


I have always admired those who spoke the rhema words of God, the prophetic messages directed to Gods people. However as I grew up I realized not everyone can discern between the false prophets and true men and woman of God. They got scared and maybe even have been hurt by false words, my advice to you is never let a fraud distract you from Gods beauty! When God speaks the wise listen. Paul writes to desire the gift of prophecy above all gifts! This is a gift to the church, sometimes God will use this ministry to pinpoint the undercurrents of the church people who spread lies or rumors, and sometimes he’ll even let you know of things to come. Which ever it is this ministry is dynamic. It is a blessings from the Lord. Do not neglect those called to the prophetic function! Yes we’ve all been called but each to their own place, in this case let those who prophecy do so with boldness and encourage them. Let’s pray for the gifts God has given to his people. Always a blessing, QuickStudyProphetic