We Must Take Care of Those in Full Time Ministry!

by QuickStudyProphetic


http://bible.com/59/DEU12.19.ESV Take care that you do not neglect the Levite as long as you live in your land.

The Levite is our equivilant of full time ministers. It’s true God has called us all into ministry, or to minister is some way shape or form, but some minister or have been called to minister every day of their lives! They can’t go and work to pay for expenses they need to be busy full time for Jesus. We must take care of them, if our jobs keep us more than 3 days a week. These people need all our support to continue strong in their fields. And let them be worth their wages! If they work hard bless them abundantly, but if they’re lazy let God be their judge. Take care of all the servants of God, amen. Always a blessing, QuickStudyPro