Exposition from James 1:9-10 ~ “Where are My people?”

by QuickStudyProphetic

wpid-images-4.jpegJames 1:9-10

“Let the lowly brother boast in his exaltation, and let the rich in his humilation – since they will pass away like a wild flower.”

I praise the God who keeps us clear of pride. Thank you, Jesus.

Why do these instructions make sense in the kingdom of God?

Firstly, we need to define some of these words used. Take the ‘exhaltation’ concept found in this passage. Clearly within this passage the word we’re defining relates to the lowly brother vs the rich – and means to be rised up above, or be set in a higher position. It is clearly a position of honor, and more desirable before God. Within this passage we see the use of opposition statemens, ie. lowly/rich, which makes this point very clear. Who are the rich, and why should they ‘boast in their humliation? Within v11 we find scripture describe why like a ‘wid flower’ is beautiful for a season it will be scorched by the sun and fade away in that vanity. So what do we make of financial gains? The gains in and of themselves are not evil, it is the rich man mentality of ‘pursuing’ them (v11) that will disappoint every time in relation to the kingdom of God.

The Lowly Can Boast, The Rich Cannot.

The poor/lowly are given permission to boast because their outcomes are praise to God not themselves. It is about being God-reliant rather than self-reliant according to HELPS™Word-studies ‘5011’. Also it needs to be noted within this passage lowly does refer to financial situation more so. The word used – ταπεινός, – can mean lowly in spirit, because the passage is contrasted to the rich man. The concept however of staying humble dispite any financial situation is the greatest key though! It is still the focus of the kingdom, someone relying on God verses relying on themselves.

God bless, From Quick Study Prophetic