Do you think you’re good?

by QuickStudyProphetic

“A large part of our problem as evangelical believers is that we have defined sin in its more obvious forms — forms of which we are not guilty. We think of sin in terms of sexual immorality, drunkenness, lying, cheating, stealing, and murder. And in more recent years we’ve tended to focus on the societal sins of abortion and homosexuality. We see the ever-increasing pervasiveness of these more flagrant sins, and we see ourselves looking good by comparison.”

Jerry Bridges in The Discipline of Grace: God’s Role and Our Role in the Pursuit of Holiness

I found this quote at and it struck me as clear that we tend to minimize the image of sin in our lives so that we come out pretty neat and tidy! However this is exactly the point at which we loose traction for the work accomplished in Christ. We’ve reverted to focusing on our sin verses focusing on Christ and thus finding more freedom from it’s clasps and snares! Also by diminishing the human sinfulness element, funnily enough, takes away from the appreciation which we once knew very well when we first believed. It is this appreciation which saves us each day, that such love was poured out and given to us. Thank you Lord and thank you for your loving kindness forevermore! qsp