BBC: SA papers defy Zuma house photo ban, and warning of arrest

by QuickStudyProphetic

** SA papers defy Zuma house photo ban ** South African papers publish images of President Jacob Zuma’s residence, defying a government warning that this would break security laws.


The referbishment is said to have costed $20m. Facilities such as a helipad and undrground bunker were included.

South Africa my nation.

Like you all know I live in Australia now, but this was my home. The government of South Africa under the current leadership of Jacob Zuma, has released a warning that if any of photo’s were released of this compound people would face arrest. Due to security reasons, however this is tax payers money, and just raises flags everywhere. These are the reasons for another starving nation, and the rise of supremacy. Madness. The financial situation of South Africa has been fragile for a few decades now however despite this, the leadership seem to always continue their traits of opulence and nonchalants. It is a very frustrating sign to the people living within the country and does not provide the inspiration needed for a people pulling back into the black. Very sad to see this, and I pray God be with everyone still living within South Africa. These current road levies, inflation and wild spending all simply do not solve a country in crisis, and their need to thrive. However having said this, God will still make a way when there is no way. Never think Africa is a dead end, we only need a people drawn unto God to begin seeing the streams in the dessert places. Please pray for this nation, and the rising of justice in their economic system.

Praying for South Africa.

God Bless, Quick Study Prophetic