We don’t need someone else, that person IS us!

by QuickStudyProphetic

good-samaritan-web1Where are the Samaritans?

When we look at the parable of the good Samaritan, (Lk10:25-37) we find a definition of what it means to be a neighbor. Jesus asked the lawyer, who was more neighborly to the man beaten and bruised and left for dead? The lawyer said the one who showed mercy, to which Jesus replied “you go, do likewise“.

We wait for others to do our duties!

We wait far too long and depend too much on our government to provide healthcare, pension, benefits, etc. Are these things evil? Absolutely not and they should continue! But what is sad is people don’t care anymore to those in need and who are hurting. We need to be active in this kingdom, not hiding behind organizations to always get people what they need. Sometimes, in fact every time, it will cost you, but this is what it means to be in the kingdom. Your riches are added in heaven.

A recent account just for this blog specifically signed, God.

As I began to write this message to you, just compelled by God to write on this topic, I found out a neighbour from down the street had some car issues! So traveling with someone from my house we went and offered our support. Bringing spare fuel we found they’d managed to get some extra but their car still was not firing. So after so quick inspections and tinkering we decided seeing they were with the RAC to get them in and do the remaineder fixing which we couldnt do. If that were not the case though I would have returned home and got my tools and began further problem solving and fix the car. I was ready to help to that end, however the service was there and already paid for so we decided that would be best. I gave them my number and said if they needed any further assistence with anything to please give me a ring. And that was that.

Thats all it takes! Willing to go the extra mile and get things done. I hope that encourages you some. God bless, Quick Study Prophetic ~ this indeed was another prophetic encounter.