Fear the Sea! No Fear God.

by QuickStudyProphetic


A lot of fear has gripped the hearts and minds of the people of the earth. A sea level depicted at 200 feet above the current sea level within 200 years. The culprit CO2. Carbon Dioxide. But I want to share something in a very short and non-aware way. Worse case scenario is sell your house now which is along the coast lands and move inland at least 200 feet above see level, or listen to the still small voice which is not disturbed about this in the slightest. Personally I find this topic has found way too much momentum within the Church. We do not operate under the circumstance of the world. Personally I believe God will begin to warn his people of this circumstance closer to the time. There is no need to panic though! Fortunately I’ve been involved in prophetic words which spoke of natural disasters, so I know how God does speak of these things before they occur. If in his providence he’s decided to lower those boundaries of the sea, then so be it. It’s no shake up, we simply have to be willing to listen to his leading and obey every word he speaks. He will not allow his people to come to destruction, and he will not destroy the world by water ever again. So I vote for confidence in the Lord and our sermons to reflect his goodness and mandate, not our worries and doctrines of men. It is a waste to spend all that time when God knows actually how this will take place and when and where. Therefore do not be troubled by all the rumors and reports, let’s focus our knowledge on Him and not spend it worrying and anxious. I would also like to add that before we get all consumed with CO2 producing industries, let’s not forget the real weightier matter of greed. If anything needs to be fought against that would be greed. It consumes industry and consumes the masses who flock to buy more, more, more. I have no qualms with technology, and new inventions, but a phone that works and needs to get replaced every year!? That’s more the problem! People have forgotten the essentials; the content life. These items you purchase are not evil, but their hold and control of you is. On the consumers side this is the issue, however on the manufacturers side there is an even larger evil. False advertisement, hidden agenda’s, the ladders to success, the blind leading the blind to more and more and more riches! You cannot serve both God and mammon – you cannot serve both God and wealth. These will tear you apart, and to focus on the one without the other will only result in disappointment to the one not invested in.  Thus on riches, you will become immediately poor; on God and you will become normal. “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you” (Mt6:33). If you’re a believer, these things should not be new to you. This is our norm. We are not driven by fear or by riches, we need to be driven by God. Take charge and lose your life to Jesus, you will find the life you’re actually looking for – A promise from Jesus. God bless, From ~ QuickStudyProphetic.