“Advocacy” – a Prophet accroding to Wikipedia

by QuickStudyProphetic

wikilogoWhat Is A Prophet?

According to Wikipedia the summed up meaning of someone who is a “Prophet” (as in prophetic) is someone who is like an advocate. Below is Wikipedia’s definition of “advocacy”:

“Advocacy is a political process by an individual or group which aims to influence public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.” (Wikipedia – “advocacy”)

An interesting observation; clearly secular in it’s explanation but still actually accurate to essence of scripture. Most lexicons and concordances will tell you – a prophet is representative of God and his mouth piece to the world. There are two main components to a prophet [1]: the one is the foretelling of the future, and the second more ongoing reality is their contribution to telling forth the word of God in relation to current situations or events.

The Prophetic Has A Very Similar Strain Found In Advocacy.

So in light of ‘advocacy’, a prophet is highlighting and trying to influence a people in thinking differently about the possible situation and/or reality. In evangelistic terms this could mean trying to win someone over to the side of Christ, thereby influencing their thoughts and their perspective with deeper truths and reality. Prophets tend to mostly operates within Christian circles, (however this is not fixed) as it seems God’s first concern is that his people are walking in close relationship with him and in line with his word. So in the sense of advocacy, yes biblical prophets also try and influence the current state of thinking to win their audience over to the will and purposes of God. This can also be true for future predictions (foretelling), because many times these come with either cautions and/or council for future outcomes.[2]

So there we go, a quick study in the prophetic using some different words to try and deepen our understanding of these things a little more.

God bless,

Hallelujah, Amen.


[1] By this I mean someone who is in the office of Prophet verses that of someone functioning in the prophetic, which every saved believer can function in according to the leading of the Spirit.

[2] The only proviso with these things obviously though is to make sure you are hearing from God. This is not about your glory, but about the King’s kingdom and his glory! These are not games, but are key things God will highlight at various times.