Social Conservatism

by QuickStudyProphetic

Go look it up. It is one of the things Australia’s Liberal party stands for; which means they believe in morality and traditional family values.

Which is a great thing! However even then our hope does not rest in policies made by parties of the house, no matter how close they are to the truth. Social conservatism is good in this age when things are moving far too quickly for our own good, and so counters the youthful zeal’s for pleasures and anarchy. However it does not fix the issue of the heart – to love our neighbor and not demand our rights over his face time and again, and most often mixed in with a good dose of hate. See there is an issue at the heart of the matter and it is something policies cannot help heal and teach. We still need God to stand in the gap for us and lead us into all truth, Even as a Christian you have not arrived. We need constant help and assistance to walk this life to the end. God Bless.