A Life of Pleasure!

by QuickStudyProphetic

To live a life of pleasure is to find the end of life itself.

There are people constantly seeking after self gain and self glorification. However it is these people who little do they know but they will find no solution to their distress in the times of need. Be it intense sporting events, constant magazine readings, fashion, you name it. There is no end to self seeking pleasure! It is a hunger which can become an addiction, and Paul writes to not be controlled by anything. Therefore if these outside factors are your drive for life, or the coping with life, there are a few key elements which are amiss in your life. Are these things wrong? No but they are if they’ve become a drug like need to your daily coping. The first priority needs to be your worship toward God. Without this centeredness to your life, your life can take on a myriad of different roots and you most probably will find yourself in a place you’d not prefer being in. Get your priorities straight and let God do the rest and guide you into all truth forever more. Amen.