T.B. Joshua – a current champion in the faith

by QuickStudyProphetic

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A Taster of the ministry found in Nigeria.

 T.B. Joshua is a pastor/prophet/teacher/leader, etc, etc based in Nigeria. God’s calling on this man was clear from a very young age, and later in life after a 40 day fast received clear directions from God to begin this ministry. The life he leads is one of dedication and service to God, and he never fails to give all credit to Jesus Christ. To the people who suspect this ministry of error, I urge you to listen very carefully, and test these things thoroughly. He is a mortal just like any of us of course, however God’s grace is very evident in his life. There is such consistency! The walk with God is possible and this is a great source of encouragement! Enjoy these snippets of typical Sunday and mid-week services which take place at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations ~ Nigeria. Here are two randomly selected videos, which go to testify about the goodness of God through His ministry at SCOAN. Hallelujah, Amen

For Example – here are a few YouTube videos:

Hearing From God – Woman Walks Out of Wheelchair | T.B. Joshua

SERMON – Discover Your Purpose

To be continued… (the testimonies keep on rolling in this place!!!)