What will you be remembered for?

by QuickStudyProphetic


Did you know?

That Jesus said when he returns he’s bringing rewards with him, to give to each one according to all they’ve done. (Rev22.12) Pretty cool, as most of the Christian life is lived unacknowledged by this world, but Heaven’s paying attention. So what this is saying is don’t forget your efforts are not in vein. Jesus often spoke of how your reward is great in Heaven. Keep at it ~ those things we’ve been left to do ~ the preaching of the gospel to every creature and the making disciples of every nation. From coast to coast Jesus wants to minister and he planned on doing this through you. This is the right kind of remembrance we are meant to have and be known for; a sweet fragrance which crosses the divide and offers life in place of death. After all this is is our  purpose; this is our destiny. Right there where you’re at is God’s domain walk in this confidence and courage. Go in peace, and he did say He would be with us even till the very end of the age. (Matt28.20)