What’s with the peace which surpasses understanding?

by QuickStudyProphetic

I want to try explain some of this crazy peace which has just been hanging around of late. There has just been this crazy peace hunting me down and though things of life are still happening, it is just still persistent! It is almost surreal, but it is definitely uplifting – and I believe a thing of God! See I never have been satisfied with the cheap statements which church has fed me but something about this, goes beyond words for sure. This is a tangible something deep within my heart, and it guides me. And it makes perfect sense as two promises which believers will experience is that of the rivers of life, and the peace which surpasses understanding. There is no particular reason for it to be there, but it just is and it is awesome! Be encouraged and keep up the ‘good work’ ~ everything God made in Christ for you! I hope you are having the same thing, or on way to having it overtake you as well. God bless.