Is repentance still necessary for Christians?

by QuickStudyProphetic

Clearly repentance was required of every new believer in Christ, and the reason for this was that it means an abandonment of a lifestyle once known to choose something which is opposite and pursue that with everything you have. Very much like an epiphany and now because you have new knowledge and understanding, you simply cannot go back to the other ways of thinking but ran your race with a fresh a new perspective. In the Greek ‘repentance’ means a turning away from something and a turning toward something else, like a polarized 180 degree change of direction. So returning to our question, do Christians still need to repent, if they are found in Christ? I would say we need to keep drawing our attention back onto Jesus as our natural tendency is to drift from his righteousness and so reflect on our own primarily. If we take our faults but are filled with the hope of his righteousness, we become partakers of grace and life will overcome death more and more. Therefore it is right to identify your drifting, before God but not to remain there, we must also in the same breathe acknowledge the fullness and power of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Do you become unsaved when sin overtakes you? No, but if sin continually overtakes you and you simply prefer it to being with God, then I believe you have not tasted God and known his goodness and are simply after self-pleasure and things that please purely self and these things are always empty. Jesus took away the dominion of sin, the uncontrollable power it weighed over you with, and replaced it with his dominion and power and forgiveness. A revelation of this drives you to have mercy and forgiveness for people around you as well. So you have been pardoned undeserving-ly of your sin, therefore who are you to hold any other to their faults and mistakes, all you can honestly do now is forgive them as well. Therefore to close this thought for the moment, it is necessary to remember your change and pursue God and his righteousness, but now that your here and running after him never forget the hope and forgiveness he has given freely to you, therefore freely give because freely you have received.