“Make preparations”

by QuickStudyProphetic

Make preparations. There is nothing more to say other than make preparations. I speak about livelihood, in respect to understanding necessities more than wants. Enjoy the simple things in life once more; aspects of gratefulness and deeply enjoying your loved ones greatly. Fast and pray so your lives will be stable. Bring into God’s house also once more his tithe and offering it with faith and gratitude. Every time I receive a word like this I feel like apologizing but I know these things are not mine to control, but I take heed myself. Offer to the Lord once more your first-fruits and give him the reserves of your house. Don’t make provision for yourself the first aim but rather make his face your first desire and craving. Make preparations to be in sync with God when he begins his new work here in Australia and across the earth. Please do not abandon those who call for your help and give to those who ask of you.