Sip some lifestream…

by QuickStudyProphetic

Don’t forget to drink as you’re doing life…otherwise you will become lifeless!

Guys something which Isaiah spoke was,

Ho! Everyone who thirsts come to the water ~ Isaiah 55

Jesus is this pool of life, come to him and drink today. There is nothing standing between you and him. Come and drink your fill. Re-hydrate your system on the fluids of heavens righteousness, Jesus Christ. It is by grace that you may come into the complete presence of the Father and speak with him and receive all the things he desires for your life. Give him acknowledgement and give him worship, give him your full attention and you will not be left wanting; in fact there will be moments where you will be overwhellemed and may even say Lord it is too much!! Yes the presence of God is pure power and calls for huge respect and praise. Hallelujah!! Whoo Jesus is boss and he’s great and he’s good and he’s here and now every moment of every day.


Praise you Jesus! Forever!

Singing out your bro Rich